IT Services

Provide citizens, the business community, our municipal partners and County staff with convenient and secure access to information and services through technology. 

Information Technology Services (ITS)
is responsible for the direction, control and effective operation of the County's information assets. It provides internal support services relative to communications and information accessibility and directs resources and equipment to meet the needs of the County's departments. The department consists of two divisions; Information Technology (IT) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The core functions provided by ITS are as follows;

  • Desktop support services for the County's computer assets
  • Data security services for the County’s information assets
  • Administration and support of the County's network and telecommunications
  • Administration and support of the County’s geospatial information assets
  • Help Desk support and administration
  • Application support services
  • Database management services
  • Inter/Intranet development and support services
  • Business consulting services associated with technology and workflow redesign
  • GIS services across the enterprise including property tax maps, aerial photography, planimetric, etc.
  • Project management services

Mapping Services  

Mapping Services (MS) primary function is to maintain Cadastral Tax Mapping approved and specified by the Department of Revenue Property Tax Division for the use and purpose of the Shelby County Alabama Property Tax Commissioner. Mapping Services is a division of the IT Services Department to assist in the coordination and management of a wide spectrum of county geospatial information and related technologies, including property tax maps, city limit mapping, aerial photography and planimetric mapping. 

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