In accordance with Alabama's Mandatory Liability Insurance Law (Act 2011-688): A valid (non-expired) state issued driver's license or non driver identification card must be provided for each owner reflected on the vehicle title when registering.  The names on the identification card and the title / registration documentation must match and must be the owner's current, legal name.  In addition, anyone processing a registration transaction should be prepared to provide proof of insurance on the vehicle being registered. 

Titling Suggestions

  • An alteration of any kind on a title voids the assignment.  Liquid paper voids the entire title and a replacement title must be issued.
  • Any alteration on a notarized document voids that document.
  • If this transaction is being presented by a power of attorney and you wish to register your vehicle in the state of Alabama each owner reflected on the vehicle title must present a valid government issued driver's license or non-driver's ID.
  • Accepted forms of payment:  Cash, Discover, MasterCard,Visa, American Express, or checks drawn on an Alabama bank with a pre-printed Alabama address accompanied with an valid (non-expired) Alabama Driver’s License or State issued ID.  We also accept smart card payment technologies to improve credit/debit security.  This includes all EMV payment technologies including the contactless Apple Pay. 
  • You are allowed 20 days to register a newly purchased vehicle without being subject to penalty of ($15.00 + Ad Valorem interest).  New residents of Alabama are allowed 30 days to title and register their vehicle without a penalty of ($15.00 + Ad Valorem interest).

Disclaimer:  This information is only a summary of title and registration procedures and not intended to be a complete explanation of Act 200-565.