Services & Responsibilities

The Highway Department offers the following services to Shelby County.

  • Land Development
    • Administers subdivision regulations and flood plain regulations
    • Inspects all phases of subdivision construction
    • Reviews plats, construction plans, site plans, and access permits
  • Federal Aid and Infrastructure Management 
    • Manages annual paving and resurfacing program
    • Manages federal aid design and construction road projects
    • Manages Unimproved Road Program design and construction
    • Reviews and approves utility permits
  • Design 
    • Designs and manages construction of federal aid and county-constructed bridge projects
    • Maintains a database of county-maintained paved roads, dirt roads, subdivision roads, National Bridge Inspection Standard (NBIS) bridges, and LT-20 rated bridges
    • Manages design and construction of county-funded projects that are not federal aid projects
    • Manages Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and State Bridge Inspection Program
    • Manages Highway Department's GIS program
    • Manages signalized intersections and intersection geometry improvement projects
  • Maintenance and Construction
    • Constructs bridges
    • Constructs shoulders and widens existing roads
    • Constructs special road projects
    • Grades dirt roads
    • Installs and replaces drainage culverts on county roads
    • Installs drainage and base materials as a part of unimproved road projects
    • Maintains dirt roads
    • Maintains guardrail, curb, gutter, and storm drain inlets
    • Maintains pavement, signs, striping, and shoulders
    • Maintains, repairs, and installs drainage culverts
    • Mows roadsides, cleans drainage ditches, and applies herbicides
  • County Shop
    • Maintains all Highway Department vehicles and construction equipment
    • Maintains vehicles for Sheriff’s Department, Building Inspections, Planning Department, County Manager’s Office, and all other County Commission-funded agencies
  • Other Services / Responsibilities
    • Provides engineering / maintenance / construction assistance for cities and the Shelby County Board of Education
    • Provides engineering consulting services / construction services for other county departments

Rebuild Alabama Act

Shelby County FY 2023 Transportation Plan under the Rebuild Alabama Act