Sanitation Regulations

The following information is a summary of the requirements and regulations for the operation of a junkyard, salvage yard, storage of defined materials, or other similar use in the unincorporated areas of Shelby County. These regulations are authorized by Act No. 99-417 of the Legislature of Alabama and Shelby County Resolution No. 01-02-12-10. The entire text of both regulations may be obtained by contacting the Planning Services at (205) 620-6650.

If you are located within the corporate limits of a city, please contact your local municipal official for applicable guidelines in your area.

Prohibited Activities

  • Failure to keep any lot, junkyard, or other premises clean and free from junk as defined in Shelby County Resolution No. 01-02-12-10 shall be unlawful and constitute a public nuisance.
  • It shall be unlawful and constitute a public nuisance to park, leave or store, in public view, more than one motor vehicle not currently and validly registered and tagged as required by state law for operation on the public highways.
  • No person shall establish, operate or maintain a junkyard or salvage yard, which is within 100 feet of the nearest edge of the right-of-way of any public road, or allow the accumulation of junk on any premises for more than 90 days without obtaining a county license to do so.

Licensing Procedures

Prior to obtaining a license for the operation of a junkyard, approval must be obtained through the Shelby County Department of Development Services. Necessary forms may be obtained by calling (205) 620-6650 or coming by the office located at 1123 County Services Drive, Pelham.

To obtain the required license, the above referenced approval shall be submitted by the applicant / property owner to the Shelby County License Offices along with a license fee of $100. This license must be renewed on October 1 of each year. Licenses renewed more than 30 days after this date shall be subject to an additional $25 fee.

If the standards of approval are not maintained, the designated county official may, at his or her discretion, revoke approval until it is determined that the violation has been corrected.

Standards for Approval

  • Application for approval of a junkyard shall be made on forms provided by the Shelby County Department of Development Services and must include other supporting documentation as required by that office.
  • Each application will be reviewed for conformance with the requirements of Act No. 99-417, Shelby County Resolution No. 01-02-12-10, the Zoning Regulations of Shelby County, and other applicable regulations.
  • Junkyards, salvage yards and other such uses must be screened, along the public right-of-way, or along any adjoining property line that abuts any driveway, parking lot or residential lot. Screening shall consist of a man-made fence or wall of at least six feet in height so as not to be visible from that height or less.

Violations & Remedies 

  • Upon certification that a violation exists, the county manager may, on behalf of the County Commission, enforce the provisions of the above regulations through the filing of a civil action in the Circuit Court of Shelby County or other court of appropriate jurisdiction.
  • Any adjacent property owner or person, firm or corporation in legal possession of adjoining property having legal standing under the laws of the State of Alabama to do so may commence civil action in their own name through the court of appropriate jurisdiction.