The D.A.'s Office

DALogo350.pngDistrict Attorney Matt Casey

Matt Casey, a former member of the Jefferson County District Attorney’s office, was elected to the Shelby County District Attorney's seat this previous November. Casey replaces incumbent Shelby County DA Jill Hall Lee, the first woman ever elected to the position, who has remained in the position since her appointment back in September 2014.

A graduate of Jones School of Law at Faulkner University in Montgomery, Casey is a member of the Indian Springs Kiwanis Club and the Shelby County Republican Party.


The Shelby County District Attorney's Office employs a team of thirteen attorneys along with support staff and investigators. Together, they prosecute felonies of all types, misdemeanors, juvenile cases involving delinquencies or children in need of supervision, civil matters where the State of Alabama has a specified interest and statutory authority, and various other matters assigned to the District Attorney by the laws of Alabama.