Planning Commission

What Is The Shelby County Planning Commission?

The seven-member Shelby County Planning Commission is charged with developing and administering plans for the long range development of Shelby County, while striving to maintain and enhance the quality of life of the residents and visitors.

The creation of the Shelby County Planning Commission and its authority is provided for by Act Number 82-693 as amended of the Legislature of Alabama, which was approved July 2, 1982.

Requests Considered at Planning Commission Meetings

Meetings are normally held in the Community Room located on the second floor of the Shelby County Services Building in Pelham, at 6:00 p.m., on the first and third Monday of each month (meeting dates and submission deadlines). A meeting is subject to cancellation when no case is scheduled to be heard on the agenda for that date.

Besides preparation and consideration of long-range plans for the county, the types of requests typically considered at regular meetings of the commission include:

  • Rezoning requests which change the permitted use and development standards of a particular parcel of property
  • Conditional Use requests which require specific commission approval for a specific use of property under conditions to be stipulated by the commission
  • Variance requests where an applicant contends that the development standards for a particular parcel of property are too rigid
  • Subdivision requests which include the development of new streets, house sites, etc.

Commission Meeting Information

Commission Members

  • Michael O’Kelley, Chairman
  • Bill Norton, Vice-Chairman
  • James Davis
  • Samuetta Nesbitt
  • Lannette Thomas
  • Kenneth F. Wilder
  • Brett Winford