Land Division

Subdividing Land In Shelby County - A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Review the Subdivision Regulations to see the complete list of required items for a subdivision submittal.
  • Be sure to have the parent parcel and potential new parcel surveyed including a detailed lot description and drawing.
  • Apply for review and approval of the subdivision by the Shelby County Planning Commission at the Department of Development Services.
  • When the subdivision of the property is approved by the Planning Commission, it will be recorded in the office of the judge of probate within the Probate Court.
  • The applicant may proceed with applying for the appropriate building and/or health permits.

Subdivisions Exempt from Any Requirement for Approval to Subdivide

  • Subdivision of land by testamentary or in testate provisions
  • Subdivision of land by court order including, but not limited to, judgments of foreclosure
  • Subdivision of land wherein the size of each and every resulting portion of land equals or exceeds 20 acres and involves no roadway, drainage, or other public improvements