FAQ - Replacement License Plate / Decal

How do I obtain a replacement license plate and/or decal?

  • The Alabama Department of Revenue/Motor Vehicle Division’s Administrative rule 810-5-1-.229(1) details when and how a replacement license plate and/or decal can be obtained.
  • The form MV 40-12-265-1 (Application For Replacement Credentials) must be completed by the vehicle owner(s) and presented to the license plate issuing official in person to obtain a replacement.
  • In the event the registered owner cannot come in person to obtain the replacement the registered owner can give another individual MVT 5-13 (Power of Attorney) to come in on their behalf. Please be aware that the power of attorney must specifically state that the individual appointed has authority to obtain a replacement plate and/or decal. Additionally, any erasures, mark overs or alterations void a power of attorney.
  • If a specialty plate or personalized tag is being requested at the time of replacement of a standard tag the registered owner must specify which plate and/or what lettering they are requesting on the Power of Attorney and pay the additional fees. Please be aware that no refunds of fees paid for personalized or specialty plates can be made after the registration is issued. If another plate type or lettering is requested after the registration is issued additional fees will apply.
  • If decal(s) or plate(s) is lost in the mail during the time of renewal the license plate issuing official will allow an immediate family member (mother, father, spouse, child) to come in and replace said decal(s) or plate(s) without requiring a notarized power of attorney. However, the additional replacement fees will apply.
  • If a plate or decal is being replaced for a third time due to being lost or stolen a police report is required.