Sales Tax Information (Non-Alabama Dealers)

Information / links for non-Alabama vehicle dealers

If sales tax is being charged for financing purposes:
  • Please forward the check for the sales tax to us along with the title/MSO & Bill of Sale.  *The check should be made out to Shelby County License Office. 
  • Please check the chart for sales tax rates for Alabama, Shelby County and the appropriate city.
  • You can look up your customer's address on our GIS Maps to see if they are within any city limits. 

Title fee is $18.00

A standard tag and issue fee is:  $24.25 plus any applicable ad valorem tax. 

Check with your customer and see which of our 3 office locations is most convenient for them and then send their paperwork to that location.  Please be sure to include customers contact information with documents and we will contact the customer when the documents arrive. The mailing address for each of our offices can also be found on our license home page

*Please be aware that while the State of Alabama has reciprocal agreements concerning state sales tax with all states except Georgia, there is no such agreement with Shelby County or any city within.  Therefore, if county and city sales tax is collected at the time of purchase please remit in the form of a check to a Shelby County office otherwise the customer will be required to pay the appropriate taxes at time of registration.