Major Chemical Response

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Chemicals Are an Important Part of Life

Chemicals are a natural and important part of our environment. Even though we often don't think about it, we use chemicals every day. Chemicals help us keep our food fresh and our bodies clean. They help our plants to grow and fuel our cars. And, chemicals make it possible for us to live longer, healthier lives.

Under certain conditions, chemicals can be poisonous or have a harmful effect on your health. Some chemicals that are safe, and even helpful in small amounts, can be harmful in larger quantities or under certain conditions.

Chemical accidents do happen – at home and in the community. Shelby County EMA wants you to be prepared.

How You May Be Exposed to a Chemical

You may be exposed to a chemical in three ways:

  • Breathing the chemical
  • Swallowing contaminated food, water, or medication
  • Touching the chemical, or coming into contact with clothing or things that have touched the chemical

Remember, you may be exposed to chemicals even though you may not be able to see or smell anything unusual.

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