Shelby Senior Centers

Provided is a list of senior centers offering services within Shelby County, as well as a county map showing locations. Please contact each senior center directly for information regarding hours of operation and programs offered.

Senior Talk Line

Get in touch with a counselor (205) 328-8255

About The Senior Talk Line

The primary service area is Central Alabama, which is defined as the five county area surrounding Birmingham. This includes Blount County, Jefferson County, St. Clair County, Shelby County and Walker County.

What Is The Senior Talk Line's Service?
The Senior Talk Line service is a free telephone reassurance service for senior citizens, their caregivers, retirees and widowed persons, grandparents and others who might find comfort in having a counselor call them on a regular basis to talk.

What Do Counselors Talk About With Senior Talk Line Clients?
Our senior clients are encouraged to talk about anything that is of interest or concern to them. Senior citizens have some specific and delicate issues, and we share their interest and concern. This program is designed to reduce social isolation. We understand that sometimes it just helps to have someone to talk with, someone who will listen…and care.

How Often Are The Senior Talk Line Clients Called?
One of our trained staff or volunteer counselors calls each senior client at least three times a week. Often our senior clients are called every day.

How Do I Sign Up For The Senior Talk Line Service?
Signing up for the program is very simple. Just call the Crisis Center’s Senior Talk Line at (205) 328-8255 and request to be signed up. When you call, you will be asked some very basic questions, such as name, telephone number, age, etc., all of which are kept as confidential background information for our staff and volunteer counselors.

If I Have More Questions About The Senior Talk Line, Who Can I Contact?
If you have more questions about the Senior Talk Line, you should contact Ana Sullivan at (205) 458-8987 at the Crisis Center.

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