State Business License

Starting a New Business
The State of Alabama requires persons, firms, or corporations that engage in or transact any trade, business, commerce, occupation, vocation, or profession for gain or profit to pay a license fee. You may also need a license from the city that you will be operating the business in. You should obtain a business license prior to opening your business.

License fees are determined by the exact nature and type of your business. You may refer to the Code of Alabama Section 40-12 Article 2 to research your licensing needs.

Under the Code of Alabama, the various license types and fees are described and explained. For further assistance with the specific license needs of your business or to purchase your State of Alabama Business License, you may come into any of our three Shelby County License Offices.

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Some licenses require State Regulatory Permits in order to issue, such as auto dealers, food establishments, and air conditioning contractors.

Important Notice
Registration is required for your county taxes. Please contact the Business Revenue Department at (205) 670-6520 for more information.

Additional Information
Please be aware that the purchase of a business license does not indicate in any way that your business is in compliance with the Zoning Regulations of Shelby County, or that your business is permitted in the zoning district in which it is to be located.

To insure that your business is in compliance with all zoning regulations of Shelby County, please go by the Planning Services Division, Shelby County Department of Development Services, located in the Shelby County Services Building (1123 County Services Drive in Pelham) or call them at (205) 620-6650. Planning Services staff will be happy to review your proposed business and advise you of its status in terms of the requirements of the Zoning Regulations.

Following up with the Planning Services Division is for your own protection and may prevent possible future problems and expenses in the operation of your business. Thank you for your cooperation.