Instructions for Lost or Stolen Credentials

Form MV 40-12-265-1 is used to request a replacement license plate, replacement validation decal issued by the Shelby County License Department. This form should not be used to record a change of ownership, change of address, or change of license plate classification.

  1. REGISTRANT INFORMATION- complete the registrant information as it appears on your registration receipt. The street address block should contain the PHYSICAL address of the registrant. If different from the registration receipt, a current utility bill (in the registrant’s name) should accompany the attached form.
  2. VEHICLE INFORMATION- complete the vehicle information for which the replacement credentials are requested.
  3. REPLACEMENT CREDENTIALS REQUESTED- check the appropriate box. Replacement license plates and year decals are $2.00 each. A $2.00 mail fee will also apply to each registration requested.
  4. FOR REPLACEMENT REGISTRATION RECEIPT – Log into, go to “Create an Account”. Once created log in to your account. From that point you should be able to order your last two years registration receipts FREE OF CHARGE.
    1. License plates or decals may be replaced if lost in the mail.
    2. The license plate is surrendered due to mutilation.
      Mutilated license plates must be surrendered by the vehicle owner to the nearest Shelby County license office.
    Should the license plate that is being replaced is recovered or come into your possession; you must immediately surrender it to the nearest Shelby County license office. Any person displaying the old license plate or validation decal will be subject to citation in accordance with Section 40-12-265, Code of Alabama 1975.

A personalized license plate bearing the same message may not be replaced until the current registration period has expired.

Click the 'Credentials' button below and return the MV 40-12-265-1 form with payment - including mail fee(s) - to:
(Personal check must be issued by local bank)

Lost or Stolen Credentials Form Button Opens in new window

Shelby County License Department
P.O. Box 190
Columbiana, AL 35051