Indian Springs Village

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The Town of Indian Springs Village is located in northern Shelby County approximately 12 miles south of the City of Birmingham.


Indian Springs Village was incorporated on Oct. 16, 1990. A total of 911 people signed a petition to allow residents to vote on incorporating as Indian Springs Village. It is widely accepted that the Town was created not so much as a revenue base as it was as a protective measure for residents who didn't want to see their area encompassed by development. Indian Springs Village is primarily centered in the Highway 119 valley adjoining the north boundary of beautiful Oak Mountain State Park.

Indian Springs School is a proud hallmark of the village and was the brainchild of Harvey G. Woodward, a Birmingham industrialist who had attended M.I.T. and wanted to establish a school in his home state that would train young men for a lifetime of learning. Mr. Woodward left a sizable estate and a detailed description of his program when he died in 1930. The first soccer program in the state was initiated at Indian Springs and the school's choir has a tradition of presenting concerts all over the globe.


The Town's goals have not changed much from their original purposes. Indian Springs Village has steadfastly nurtured a rural atmosphere. Officials are intent on protecting the quality of life their citizens enjoy, the beauty and serenity of the area, the integrity of the community from commercialization of the town.

The Shelby County Chamber serves Indian Springs Village.