The City of Leeds is located in the most northern portion of Shelby County and is contiguous to the city of Birmingham. Leeds is primarily located in Jefferson County but extends throughout Shelby and St. Clair counties.


Named for Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, Leeds was incorporated on April 27th, 1887. Its success as a young city came through three major factors: the incorporation of nearby Birmingham and the beginning of iron ore production there; the building of the Georgia Pacific Railway, from Birmingham to Atlanta; and the construction of a Standard Portland Cement manufacturing plant in 1906. The city recently broke away from the Jefferson County school system and initiated its own Leeds City school system.

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Leeds is poised to make a leap forward in development and population as the eastward population shift continues into Jefferson, Shelby and St. Clair counties. Leeds has also benefited from the Barber Vintage Motor-Sports Museum and Racetrack and the Bass Pro Shops Outlet. Both of these developments are bring important visitors and sources of income to the area, as well as significantly increasing the profile of the city.

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