What is a Shelby County Registration ATM?

The vehicle registration ATM provides a self-service process for Shelby County residents to drive/walk-up to renew most vehicle registrations 24/7 based on your schedule without having to come inside or wait in line.  A registration ATM is available at ALL three License Office locations - 280 Office (19220 Hwy 280, Birmingham, Al. 35242), Pelham Office (1018 County Services Drive, Pelham, AL 35124), Columbiana Office (104 Depot St, Columbiana, AL. 35115). The What3Words ATM location at Hwy 280 is ///canine.satisfies.brokered, Pelham is ///haphazard.arrows.stocky and Columbiana is ///digital.sandwich.response.

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1. What is a Shelby County Registration ATM?
2. Who can use the ATM?
3. Will I pay a fee to use the ATM?
4. What information do I need to use the ATM?
5. What can be renewed at the ATM?
6. What cannot be renewed at the ATM?
7. Who do I contact if I am unable to complete my registration renewal during regular business hours?
8. Will I get my registration and decal immediately?
9. What are the payment options?