How do I apply for an ABC License?
Applicants requesting the approval of an ABC License by the Shelby County Commission must bring their completed State of Alabama ABC application form to the Department of Development Services, located in the County Services Building, 1123 County Services Drive, Pelham, AL, 35124.

The applicant will be required to complete a Shelby County ABC application form and must pay all applicable fees. The Department of Development Services will forward this application to other agencies for review.

The application will be introduced at a regularly scheduled County Commission meeting to be determined once all requested information from other reviewing agencies has been received and evaluated; no action will be taken at this time. The approval of the application will then be considered at a subsequent meeting. The applicant must attend the second meeting, as the Commission will hear the request and make a decision.

For additional information contact the Department of Development Services at (205) 620-6650.
ABC Submission Procedures Packet

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1. How do I apply for an ABC License?