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Compact 2020

What is COMPACT 2020?

The Compact 2020 initiative is a collaborative community drug intervention and education program designed to have direct interactions among all ages, social, faith based and economic groups within all 808 sq. miles of Shelby County Alabama. The Compact has implemented strategies that attack the availability of drugs and drug use through diverse actions and tools that focus on the following: connect and education all ages; prevention; interdiction; promote rehabilitation opportunities; and the enforcement of legal sanctions including all community corrections efforts.

As of July 1, 2016 there are seven full partners in the Compact: Shelby County District Attorney’s Office, Shelby County Commission & County Manager, Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, City of Alabaster, City of Pelham, City of Hoover and City of Chelsea. The COMPACT expects other entities to participate in the programs and engagement actions applicable to the strategies. Dialog is underway with the Shelby County Community Health Foundation to be a full partner.

Formal collaborations are underway to create an education, prevention, interdiction, and rehabilitation network to focus, identify and attack the availability of drugs and drug use in Shelby County. The abuse of drugs in Shelby County, both prescription and illegal, has increased and is claiming the lives of our residents. The Compact will utilize all available tools and techniques to target the origin of the exchange, support prevention, and assist the users on a path to recovery to prevent loss of life, impact sorrow and unhealthy behavior. The primary goal of the collaborative is to enhance public health and safety throughout county.

Who is leading the COMPACT ?

The District Attorney’s Office is the lead operator of Compact 2020 and the programs, initiatives and related operations. COMPACT is defined as an agreement or covenant between two or more parties. 2020 was used to denote the initial four year period. 

Primary funding is coming from the Shelby County Commission along with major investments by the partnering entities.
The COMPACT has established a governance council consisting of the following officials: District Attorney, County Manager, Sheriff, and Mayor’s from each of the participating municipalities with their proxy being either the City Council President or Mayor Pro Tem and one Shelby County Commissioner.

The Compact has also established a Chief's Circle with the following officials: Police Chief’s from the participating municipalities, Sheriff and Compact Director with the District Attorney and County Manager being Ex-Efficio Circle members. The Chief’s Circle shall participate in the planning and implementation of strategies, tools and related community actions. The Compact will develop and implement a collaborative Circle for the School Resource Officers within the county to promote communications and the sharing of information and tools.

What is the operational structure of the Compact?

The COMPACT has four organizational divisions:
  • Administration
  • Education, Prevention and Intervention
  • Drug Tactical Enforcement Unit
  • Compliance Unit (Justice Involved & Non-Justice Involved)

How can I help?

We need your eyes. With 808 sq. miles to cover we encourage every Shelby County resident to send us information to make our County safer.

The Compact has deployed new technology; “Tipsoft” which is a service for citizens to anonymously submit drug/crime/bully-related tips through the Web, Facebook, a text message, or from any Android or iPhone mobile device with the TipSubmit mobile app. TipSoft is successful because it uses technology that is familiar to citizens, which allows them to carry on an anonymous two-way conversation with the agency without requiring them to speak directly to an officer. TipSoft is proven to help stop and solve crimes.

In addition to encouraging the public to submit drug and crime related information using texting, web forms and mobile apps, TipSoft supports users’ ability to submit videos or photographs using the TipSoft mobile app. TipSoft can be used to submit information on crimes, bullying in school, missing children, fugitives, and other non-emergency situations.

Learn Four Methods to send a tip to the Compact
  1. Mobile App (Android or iPhone)TipSoft Mobile App
  2. Text-a-Tip SMS text message
  3. Web Tip (
  4. Phone call {670-6TIP / 670-6847}

What else do I need to know about submitting tips?

Your identity is protected - all tips are 100% anonymous. Your identity can never be discovered unless you choose to share it.

All students/residents should consider the Tip process (txt, web or app) their personal safety channel they can use to alert authorities and administrators of a possible danger or crime being planned.  What if you saw a posting on Facebook or Twitter that could indicate danger in your community or school? How do you let someone know about a drug deal going down?

Learn more about Compact Tips and see Training Videos on how to use this technology
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