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Program Overview
The Shelby County EMA Program (free of charge) was developed because of the need for a well-trained civilian emergency work force. The CERT Program provides for community self-sufficiency through the development of multifunctional response teams who act as an adjunct to the county's emergency services during major disasters. When emergencies happen, CERT members can give critical support to first responders and provide immediate assistance to victims.

CERT members can also assist with non-emergency projects that help improve the safety of the community. Through this unique program, people from community organizations, business, and industry, and county employee groups will become CERT members. They work as team members and perform as individual leaders by directing untrained volunteers in the initial phase of an emergency.

Level 1 Syllabus
  • Class 1 - Introduction to Disaster Preparedness
    • Registration
    • Introduction
    • Disasters and Disaster Workers
    • Personal and Family Preparation
    • Community Preparedness
  • Class 2 - Disaster Fire Suppression Techniques
    • Fire Chemistry
    • Fire Extinguisher Use
    • Utility Control
    • Creative Firefighting Techniques
    • Hazardous Materials / Placarding
  • Class 3 - Disaster Medical Operations
    • Recognizing Life-Threatening Emergencies
    • Treating Life-Threatening Emergencies
    • Triage
  • Class 4 - Disaster Medical Operations
    • Head-to-Toe Evaluation
    • Treating Non-Life Threatening Emergencies
    • Treatment Area Management
  • Class 5 - Light Search and Rescue Operations
    • Evacuation
    • Search Techniques
    • Rescue Methods / Cribbing
  • Class 6 - Team Organization and Disaster Psychology
    • Developing a Response Team
    • Incident Command System “ICS”
    • Psychological “Size Up”
  • Class 7 - Terrorism and Homeland Defense
    • History of Terrorism
    • Do's and Don'ts During a Terrorist Act
    • Homeland Defense Tips
  • Class 8 - Review and Disaster Simulation
    • Course Review
    • Disaster Exercise

Shelby County, Alabama
200 West College St.
Columbiana, AL 35051
Ph: (205) 670-6550