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Shelby County Fire and Emergency Medical Training Center


  1. 5 Story Fire Tower
  2. Class A Burn Bldg
  3. Classroom Building
  4. Confined Space
  5. Draft Tank
  6. Maze

This $1.6 million facility was built by Shelby County and 23 other entities, which included various city fire departments and volunteer departments throughout the county.
This facility allows firefighters to train on fighting every type of emergency they might encounter.

5 Story Fire Tower:
    Approximate Square Feet
  • 1st floor - 1606 square feet
  • 2nd floor - 1298 square feet
  • 3rd floor - 1298 square feet
  • 4th floor - 550 square feet
  • Tower roof - 550 square feet
  • Total - 5302 square feet
    Three Fire Props:
  • Attic fire prop with smoke ejector
  • Bedroom fire props with flashover and smoke ejector
  • Kitchen fire props with flashover and smoke ejector
    More Features:
  • Sprinkler raiser pipe with sprinkler connections
  • Stand pipe connection each floor
  • A shaft for elevator rescue
  • Tower roof is equipped for repelling