Site Specific

Basic Site Standards
  • February 4, 2011
  • 1:00 pm
  • Ph: (xxx) xxx-xxxx 
  • Fx: (xxx) xxx-xxxx

Contact on Department Pages
Contact Information Layout: _____________

General Information  
  • Font:__________
  • Photo Border: __________
  • Hyperlinks and references to for-profit entities must be approved
  • Hyperlinks will be set to open in a new window unless the hyperlink is a link to a page on the client's website
  • Use mailto: links for email addresses, the name of the person will be the link
  • Clip art is not allowed unless approved by the website administrator
  • Avoid using the terms click here and under construction or using all caps unless it is an acronym
  • Only use underline for hyperlinks
  • Use & in headlines and subheads
  • Use serial commas 
  • Spell out months in the content area 
  • Abbreviate addresses unless in a paragraph 
  • Use the % symbol
  • Do not capitalize the word city unless it is stated in the name (the City of ____________) 
  • Spell website as one word
  • Alphabetize all areas of the site (lists, pages, etc.)