Site Standards

  • Abbreviate all street identifiers unless they are in a paragraph. 
  • Use address blocks like envelopes. 
  • Don't add a break between addresses and previous paragraph that refers to it.

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Street Address
City, ST Zip

A comma is necessary before the final item (e.g., I really hate cheese, lima beans, biscuits and gravy, and extra commas.).

Use commas at other times as needed. (Hint, the word "which" almost always requires a comma).

When using images for the site they should be no larger than the following in these instances:
  • Right Contact with image - 200 x 150 for landscape and 150 x 200 for portrait 
  • Staff Directory - 144 x 216 (using standard options) 150x 200 (when using basic HTML) 
  • Resource / Business Directory - 160 x 120