FAQ - Request for Motor Vehicle Record

How do I make a request for a motor vehicle record?

  • As of 2012 the Alabama Department of Revenue has limited county license plate issuing official to releasing motor vehicle record information solely to vehicles owned and titled in the requestor’s name. As a result Shelby County License Issuing Officials are only authorized to release motor vehicle information to vehicles owned and titled in the name of Shelby County residence.
    • The vehicle owner must be present or must give someone a form MVT 5-13 (Power of Attorney) that specifically states what information can be released.
    • A form MV-DPPA1 (Request for Motor Vehicle Records) must be completed by the titled owner or individual given power of attorney and there is a $3.00 per vehicle charge for each receipt.
  • If someone is wanting motor vehicle record information on vehicles not titled in their name they must go through the Alabama Department of Revenue, Motor Vehicle Division by completing the MV-DPPA1 (Request for Motor Vehicle Records) and submit all applicable fees via certified funds.