Chad Scroggins Bio

Chad Scroggins

Chad Scroggins

Chief Development Officer  

Mr. Scroggins has served Shelby County in management of Environmental Services since 2003. He is responsible for management of the landfill operations, emergency management services, storm water activities associated with development, in addition to other environmental and enhancement projects. 

Prior to joining Shelby County, Mr. Scroggins served as a project manager for a local environmental and engineering consulting firm with clients throughout the U.S. and as the environmental engineer with a Birmingham based heavy industrial manufacturing company. 

Mr. Scroggins has a Bachelor of Science in Biology/Environmental Science, a Master of Science in Environmental Management, and a Master of Business Administration from Samford University. He is currently serving on the Board of Directors for the Shelby County Community Health Foundation and Shelby 9-1-1 in addition to leadership roles with the ACCA Environmental and Land Use Committee and the Alabama Clean Water Partnership. 

Mr. Scroggins is married to Rorie Scroggins; they have two children and live in the Mt Laurel community of Shelby County.