Animal Control

General Information

Currently, Animal Control perform services five days per week. Citizens can request a cage trap for domestic animals, such as stray cats and dogs, from Animal Control. The citizen will be responsible for the operation and activities associated with the trap.

  • Animals that are destroyed and located on county roads and right of ways will be picked up by the Environmental Services Department (205-669-3737 or or by the County Highway Department (205-669-3880).
  • Citizens are responsible for managing the remains of destroyed animals located on private property. Any remains not managed within the citizen's property must be transported to the Animal Shelter in Columbiana for cremation. Animal remains cannot be placed with the garbage containers and/or processed by your garbage service provider. The County Landfill cannot accept animal remains.
  • Domestic Livestock - Animal Control cannot independently capture and transport livestock. The Sheriff's Office (205-669-4181) must first be contacted and the applicable report prepared. Upon the request of the Sheriff's Office, Animal Control can perform services.

Shelby County Animal Control Office:  205-669-8766.

If you are located within a city, contact your local municipality for the applicable animal control information.  The County does not have jurisdiction within a city. 

For adoption of animals, spay and neuter information, vaccine information and services, please contact the Shelby County Humane Society.